Thought of the Week

“Sent-ness” is what we heard about last week as we listened to John North speak at both services. He spoke about developing a ministry mindset and knowing what our common purpose is as a people of God.

The idea that we are sent by God into conversations, situations and opportunities well in advance is quite a lot to get your head around. But, the question I’ve been asking myself this year is simply how God wants to use various relationships to go deeper with to ultimately bring Christ into that relationship.

Also the challenge has been in the small fleeting moments and how one simple conversation or action could potentially change the trajectory of someone’s life with external consequences. That seems like a huge responsibility, but as we learned last week, we aren’t alone in this and that God has sent His Spirit to help and guide us. It’s worth listening to the message again or for the first time if you haven’t. Just what moments this week has God sent you into?