Thought of the Week

How’s your Engine Room running? Remember we learnt if there was one way to describe Jesus’ ministry it was… RELAXED. The degree to which your engine is running smoothly – life runs smoothly.

Jesus practiced 6 core habits that powered His entire ministry and then the ministry of His disciples long after He’s gone. They are… Holy Spirit P.O.W.E.R.

Holy Spirit Dependance in His humanity// The resources Jesus had are the same we have.

Prayer// Jesus OFTEN withdrew to lonely places and prayed. What is your OFTEN?

Obedience to a Kingdom Agenda// God what are you up to today? Can I be a part of it?

Work out the Word// Hear. Read. Study. Memorise. Meditate.

Elevate the Father// Does your life regularly point people to Jesus?

Relate intentionally// Do you regularly “cultivate intentional relationships” with those different from you?

We’re not even 31 days since the sermon series. How is your key Engine Room habit going?