Thought of the Week

T‌ ‌he Sabbath – Command, Grace or Both? Let’s continue to reflect and try to understand why God commanded us to have a Sabbath each week.  We need a day to remind ourselves that we are not machines.  I need one day a week to remind myself that I matter to God not because of everything I do for him but because God loves me just for me.  A relationship that is based on what the other person does for you is destined to struggle as there will be days where they deserve your love and days that they don’t.  The Sabbath is our reminder from God that He loves us simply because of who we are and not because of the stuff we do for him.  We need that with God.

How do you view the Sabbath? As a commandment? Or an act of God’s grace? Our perception will change how we treat it and that could be the answer to a bigger life.