Thought of the Week

T‌his week the ministry team attended a Churches of Christ National event called “Team Fest” in Queensland. In short, it brings together like minded churches across the country for training, development and team building.

We had the opportunity to learn from a megachurch pastor from the United States and despite his church being around 20 times the size of ours, I was deeply encouraged to hear that we are on the right track here at Northside. Chatting with other people in similar contexts to ours also brought confirmation that God is clearly doing a great thing in the life of our church.

My experience this week was to leave feeling encouraged and uplifted, but also challenged. Having people in your life that will encourage you, but also challenge you isn’t something to run from, but celebrate. Do you have people in your life you can truly do life with? If not, why not speak with a member of the ministry team today?