This week at Northside 27 August

Hi Northside Family,

As we have been asking God to “Bless the Mess”, I’d been personally challenged to revisited a great framework for ensuring my own life need not be messier than it needs to be!

I was drawn back to a little gem from some past reading:

6 Guidelines for those who lead themselves from the “Inside Out”.

  1. Get alone with you and God – Take time for consistent reflection and restoration of body and soul.
  2. Character leaks – When faced with an ethical choice, what example are you setting for others?
  3. Friends are not easily duped – Are you accountable to a small group of trusted friends?
  4. Focus on integrity, not image – Are you the same person in every situation?
  5. Grow deep in your faith – Are we trying to change our character by ourselves or by God’s Spirit?
  6. Who’s impacted by my mess? – Do you deal uncompromisingly with character flaws?

Thought I’d share with you in case it “Blesses your Messes” too.

Hope to see you Sunday…


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