This week at Northside// 30 July

Hi Northside family,

Last weekend we sent two Northsiders out on their own mission trips. Natalie Pelleri heads to Hong Kong to work with the Crossroads organisation. Ethan Butler heads to Nairobi to undertake a mission trip there.

It’s a constant reminder outside of our corporate mission partners like Thrive Madagascar, there are many of us faithfully being sent by God to do His work.

Importantly it shows us:

“mission is not a department of the church, rather an overflow of our lives in response to Jesus.”

Many of us may say –  “I’m not off to Hong Kong or Nairobi so I’m not a missionary…”

It’s becoming a core part of our DNA that we are all missionaries – fireflies sent into the world to shine God’s light where ever we are.

As you’re reading this email, where or who is God sending you today? Which mission field are you sitting in right now?

See you Sunday!


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