This Sunday at Northside 4 February

“That lady* who’s recently joined our group…She’s just a gift! Isn’t she full of life? She’s blessed us all already!” 

That was the tail end of a conversation I had with a Northsider earlier this week.

It’s an example of everything we’ll talk about this Sunday (and have been preparing for this month) as our Connect Groups launch for 2018.

On the one hand, you’ll never know who will bless you if you are open to inviting new relationships into your life.

On the other, you’ll never know who you’ll bless by intentionally committing to a group this year.

We’ll chat more on Sunday but, whether you’re with us or not for our gathering, can I ask all of us to prayerfully consider whether or not you will purposely invest in relationships this year in the context of a Connect Group?

See you Sunday!


*name withheld so we don’t embarrass anyone 🙂

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