This Sunday at Northside 28 January

Hi Northside family,

27 Group Leaders across 3 Networks

That was the turnout for our Connect Leaders Launch Tuesday night.

It was one of the largest gathering of group leaders that I’ve seen in my time here at Northside.

It was evidence of the sense of momentum and vision from our group leaders and even more importantly, it was wonderful to see a room full of leaders praying together for this vision and praying that our groups would be the best possible reflection of Jesus for a whole range of people we haven’t even met yet.

If you’re already a part of our connect groups, you carry a very special and significant mantle
as representatives of Northside for anyone that joins our community this year.

If you’re yet to join a group, know that a room full of leaders were praying for you, and our hope and prayer is that many more will experience the blessing of doing life together this year. To sign up for a Connect Group, click here.

Many of you may well be enjoying your Australia Day long weekend away (like the Haddon family will be up North) so in that regard, you won’t see us this Sunday but I know Emily has a great message lined up for you!

If you’re travelling, travel safe and look forward to catching you on Sunday February 4.



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