This Sunday at Northside 21 January

Hi Northside family.

Every now and then we have a Sunday where God seems to speak to us “more than usual”. Last Sunday was one of those special days.

We learnt from Hebrews 6:19a…
“We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure”

If you missed it or want to remind yourself, here are 3 ways you can anchor yourself to God in 2018.

You Pull on the Rope
99% of the time you can’t see an anchor under the water. So how do you know you’re anchored? Pull on the rope.
This means: particularly when you don’t feel like God is present, actively do the things that will eventually help you to feel the presence of God.
– Reading the Bible
– Regularly worshipping
– Prayer
– Committing to gathered community

They seem basic – but pull on the rope like that and most times (in my life at least) you’ll begin to encounter God in new and fresh ways.

Even if you feel you are drifting, it doesn’t mean God has cut you loose.
If you have seen boats on moorings, they drift constantly with the wind, but have not been blown away.

The best question we can ask ourselves if we have drifted from what WE believe God’s promise/plan for us is:
“ Lord how could you be turning this out for my good, even though it doesn’t feel like it?

Most of the Christian life is working out whether what we thought God promised us, is actually what he promised us.

Anchors are there to save us IN the storm, not FROM the storm
Storms are vitally important. They show you:
A) Whether you are even anchored to something; and
B) Whether that anchor will really hold.

What is your expectation for “what’s next”? Storm free? Or if storms arise, are you confident you won’t be blown away?

See you Sunday if you are around…


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