This Sunday at Northside 24 December

Hi Northside Family,

I haven’t found out what mark she got yet …

Following my introduction to the message last week, multiple people have been frantically asking me to find out how the young lady went with her HSC results. I’ve been back to the cafe twice this week and she hasn’t been there!

I guess we will have to keep waiting …

Again it illustrates the power of anticipation that comes when a story remains unresolved.

Thankfully this Christmas the ultimate story hasn’t been left unresolved.

If you are in town, will you join us for one feature packed churchwide service at 9:30AM this Sunday and our Christmas Day Service starts at 9.00AM on Monday.

For many of the Northsiders I have spoken to who are already away with friends or family, wishing you a Merry Christmas and looking forward to travelling with you in the New Year!



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