This Sunday at Northside 12 November

Hi Northside family,

Update on Creative Director / Worship Pastor Role

I want to honour our Worship Team this week.

Each Sunday our Worship Team are doing an incredible job in the absence of a paid leader. God is working through their gifts and talents to lead us into an encounter with Him each week, and we are so thankful!

Many of you have already shared with me, your joy in hearing some new voices and styles from the platform. My hope is that these positive comments are also shared with our team who is serving so faithfully each week.

When it comes to our Creative Director / Worship Pastor role, we are experiencing a “meanwhile moment” as the Elders and I continue to seek God, regarding who our next team member will be.

Keeping you updated, I’ve already had numerous conversations with potential candidates from areas such as Melbourne through to San Francisco (our search truly is global!).

Needless to say, our leadership have a real peace about this process because:
a. Each previous transition in this area at Northside has taken at least 12 months (and God has always provided);
b. The incredible way we’ve seen numerous members of our Worship Team step up and bless us with their gifts.

So we don’t want to rush ahead of God.

As the search process for a new Creative Director continues, I know our human reaction is to want to sort it out NOW! (Trust me … no one wants this sorted more than me!)

But as we have been learning, all of the best life transitions are slow, deliberate and God-led.

A question to consider is … what if God is using this “meanwhile” season to grow us (the congregation) and the Worship Team in ways we can’t see right now?

Already He is providing new team members, new life and renewed hearts in this ministry area, and because of this, we are very encouraged!

Never hesitate to give me a call during the week or grab me on a Sunday if there is anything you want to talk through.

Hope to catch you Sunday,


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