The unsung heroes//

Every week dozens of people work tirelessly to volunteer their time to help ensure the Sunday worship experience is inspirational and uplifting. Many of these individuals work behind the scenes and are rarely noticed, unless perhaps something doesn’t go to plan!

I’m writing specifically about the technical team that serve faithfully every Sunday to provide sound, mix the band and singers together, work on lighting in the auditorium and project lyrics and other information onto our screens.

In all my time in ministry, I’ve never seen a more dedicated group of people than those who serve in these roles. It’s not to say the work of other volunteers is less significant by any means. It is simply to highlight the devotion of these men and women and to honour them publicly because their job often can be a thankless one. Why is it thankless? Perhaps it’s due to the behind the scenes nature of the roles.

We notice if a microphone doesn’t come on, if the lights happen to turn off or lyrics don’t come up on the screen. However, if things go to plan then most people wouldn’t think to thank the vision operator for giving up half their day to come and operate the computer that puts content up on the screens. Similarly it is easy to forget to thank the person who made sure the lights or sound ran seamlessly during the service.

The reason for the title of this text being “the unsung heroes” is somewhat a double entendre. The volunteers up front, perhaps the singers as an example, are noticeable and if they inspire us then sometimes they receive encouragement for their efforts. However, the other heroes in the team that I lead play much more unseen roles, but equally deserve our gratitude for their consistent faithfulness. We are blessed to have a hard working technical team at Northside – a team that humbles me by their dedication and commitment to serving our church. Please join with me in expressing your appreciation to those men and women behind the “tech desk”…

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