The Ugly Mug Principle

Last Thursday night, we held the final ‘Life in Teacups’ for 2014. It was a ‘speed dating’ type of event. But instead of love, there was friendship and community that was found.

The Ugly Mug Principle

For a bit of a laugh, each woman brought along an ugly mug. It was a great reminder of the ‘ugly mug principle’ versus the ‘fine china approach’, which Amber Kuhn spoke about on the night.
The fine china left in the display cabinet is like the person who doesn’t want to reveal the mess of their lives or have people intrude in their relationships. And their philosophy is — how will this community meet MY needs. Whereas the ‘Life in Ugly Mugs Principle’ goes beyond just catching up with like-minded people on a Sunday. Rather they allow themselves to be open and become vulnerable with others. And you guessed it – this isn’t easy! In fact, at times it will be costly, messy, and especially UGLY.

The quality of our community will be the secret to our mission.

Yet the ugly mug principle will ultimately improve the quality of our community.

At a corporate level, that will mean intergenerational relationships and sharing of wisdom as women come alongside each other in the ups and downs of life. At an individual level, it means being willing to let go of who you think you should be and be who you actually are. It’s about fully embracing vulnerability… and importantly, believing you are worthy of connection.

The benefits of the Ugly Mug Principle will not only benefit our Northside Women’s community but will make an impact on our whole church. It’s just as Sam says – “The quality of our community will be the secret to our mission.”

Upcoming Event:

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