The One Place Where It Is Ok Not To Be OK//

I ended last week’s message asking this:

If we see in Jesus Christ, a man weeping right in the middle of someone else’s sorrow and grief (John 11), then what are the implications for us individually and also communally as a church?

To be a “City on a Hill” (Mt 5:13-16) means to be an alternate city within the city of Sydney. A place that models radically different ways of doing relationships, parenting, business, art and so on.

Now in saying this, that does not necessarily mean it’s all chipper! Hence this series called The Divine Wrestle. As a Pastor I am coming to realise tears, fears and doubts are often the “bass notes” of many people’s lives.

The question is then – in this part of the world where there can be the tendency to hide or “stuff” our emotions, could it be that a radically different way of approaching relationships is by being genuinely open, not artificially closed?

A Northsider said to me this week: “vulnerability is the genesis of trust”, and trust is the fundamental requirement of all human relationships.

So…coming back to the top.

Could it be that:

The doorway to an alternate city within the city, is radically different relationships?
And the doorway to radically different relationships is trust?
And the doorway to trust is vulnerability?

And the doorway to vulnerability is seeing that Jesus himself modelled it in His tears, fears and doubts?

If things are not OK at the moment, Helen Solomon and our Pastoral Care team are here to support you how they can, as are the ministry team and hopefully many members of this “City on a Hill” we call Northside. The hardest step for many of us is to be open with it.

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