The Next Step for 2016//

Today we’re celebrating our women. Now you may be thinking, Mother’s Day is next week and isn’t that the day we do something for women? Rightly so!

However, on behalf of the Women’s Ministry Team I would like to put the spotlight on the Women’s Ministry and here’s why.

Today we’re launching the next step in this new season of Women’s Ministry.

Our vision is, “We are better together, a company of women living out our faith stories”.

Our Women’s Team is here to encourage you in your faith journey. We are better together! Women connecting with women to share their faith stories. There is a powerful dynamic when this happens.

Imagine the impact when speaking the right word at the right time. Inspiring faith stories offer encouragement when you hear of someone triumphantly overcoming the darkest of circumstances. How wonderfully comforting it is to know another is praying for you just because they have taken the time to listen.

If you’re a woman reading this and you’re wanting to connect with other women, our Women’s Team is here today to help you. Meet them in the foyer after the service or visit the Northside church website:

My hope and prayer is that you will find ways to stay connected. It’s a source of strength when you see and hear women living out their faith!

Staying connected has the power to spur you on in your Christian faith, transforming your life so that you too, can be quietly assured even of your future!