The heart of our church//

I had to snap a photo to capture this glimpse of what the heart of our church is all about!

Seeing some of our faithful older ladies meeting together this week reflected some key principles of our church: a constant willingness to be part of our bigger mission.

As they were going through their WikiChurch material, I realised they could’ve selected 100 different connect group studies. Instead they’ve chosen to be a part of our big objective this year through WikiChurch – to equip 400 neighbourhood missionaries.

You’re never too old to learn!

This in many ways is what makes Northside so special and different. I’ve seen churches where the older you get, the more brittle the heart (and theology) becomes. Anyone here seen that!?

What a testament to the DNA of many of our older generation and their willingness to be constantly shaped by God!

We’re better in circles, not rows. These days we can be tempted to judge the success of church by how big the gathering is, rather than how small and intimate it is.

We must never underestimate the significance of gathering in twos, threes and fours. Often it’s in this context we hear each other’s story more deeply and come to know God better, but to do so takes effort and commitment (especially in this winter season).

Thank you ladies for modelling what our church is all about!

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