The Gathered and Scattered Northside//

Where would you say most of our church came from? That is the question our Team and Elders continue to discern.

When analysing the locations of our members and regulars, here’s what we found:

Only around 40% of come from the local area.

  • 30+% come from Sydney’s North & Northwes
  • 10% from the Northern Beaches
  • 10% from the Western Suburbs
  • 5% from Southern and Eastern Sydney

Now, I don’t want to bore you with “stats”, so what’s the point?

Question: When did the early church really start making an impact in and around its city, Jerusalem?

Well, in Acts 8 we are told it was when the gathered church was scattered and shared the exciting things God had been doing in their lives, wherever they were.

“Those who had been scattered preached the word wherever they went.” (Acts 8:4)

What is the lesson for us?

Increasingly, people from all regions of Sydney are calling Northside their home. Perhaps you have observed or experienced the increasing diversity of our congregation here, as God is “building a community” that is not characterised by one type of culture, race, ideology or location. More importantly, as we gather each week for worship, we are reminded of the overarching purpose that binds all of our unique traits together.

We are the gathered people of God (the Church), scattered throughout the suburbs, workplaces, universities and schools of our city, charged with the responsibility to share the exciting news about God, wherever we are.

Where’s your neighbourhood? North, south, east or west? How might you connect with it this week?