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I was in a meeting this week with a Northsider who had reflected that, coincidentally, their father had attended Northside back in the 90s. He’d ended up here as a place to find healing from his recent divorce, and here she was many years later in the same church home.

It’s a great reminder that we may never see the true fruit of God’s work here until many years later.

Chatting to members of our congregation who were here in the “early days”, it seems they have the privilege of witnessing the ways God has worked over the years. Many reflect on the joy it brings them to see so many little children running around during (and after) the service, given they still recall the era where this new “church plant” in Crows Nest would be lucky to have 1-2 kids on a Sunday.

It’s also a reminder of what makes Northside… Northside.

Whilst our ministry to divorcees may not still be our primary ministry (as it was back then), it still plays a significant part alongside other ministries that did not exist before.

But it’s a principle that remains… Northside has always been a church that has sought to authentically “find a need and meet it; find hurt and heal it”. A church that’s open to people wherever they are with faith and unwavering in investing in ministry today, even though we may not see the fruit until many years later.

So we begin a new 3 week preaching series on how God intended His church to be. We hope that, as we remind ourselves of how the church should be, we’ll each play a part in making the ideal a reality.

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