Storms of Life//

What a battering as huge storms lashed out against the Eastern Seaboard last Sunday. King tides and waves as high as 13 metres slammed against the shore and, coupled together by a monster East Coast Low front saw widespread devastation and lives lost. At Collaroy beach, multimillion-dollar beach front homes are now left teetering on a knife’s edge, on the brink of destruction from falling into the sea.

How quickly life can change! One minute there is peace and safety and the next minute, devastation!

As I made it to church that morning, wind blown and wet, I was grateful to make it into a dry, warm and safe place. Here I was nestled in my comfortable, predictable environment, listening to Emily Hopkins’ very apt message of unpredictability, when out along the East Coast of Australia, people’s external worlds were in chaos, collapsing before their eyes, their environment they thought they controlled, was now out of control.

What we see in the external world around us also happens to our internal, spiritual world. We get can get swept away by the rising tide and blown away by the howling winds of life. I’m glad to be reminded that Jesus is our firm foundation and that He is the anchor point when the storms of life take us by surprise.  I’m reminded of Jesus’ words: “Everyone who hears the words of Mine and acts upon them may be compared to a wise man who built his house upon the rock”. (Matthew 7:25)