Staff strategy update//

It’s been a while since we’ve had an update on our staffing strategy here at Northside.

We are thrilled to share, that we will be introducing you to our new Youth and Young Adults Pastor on Sunday February 26 (both services).

This will be a 3 day/week position fulfilling the 2 days left by Jessie Skelly (our previous Youth Pastor) and 1 day left by myself when I transitioned from Young Adults to the Senior Minister Role.

A huge thank you to Jess Hamey who has led our Youth Team so faithfully in a transition year of 2016.

This means there are a couple of implications from this appointment:

1. Neridah Morris our current Young Adults coordinator (who has been serving incredibly in a volunteer capacity) will continue to work with the core ministry team on some new ministry ventures, given her incredible gift mix and as a current ACOM B.Th student.

2. We are also excited to announce that Emily Hopkins our Community Life Pastor will transition from a 12-month contract role to a permanent role, 3 days/week.

I know this has been a question asked behind the scenes, particularly as we’ve gotten to know Emily and have been blessed by her ministry.

Hopefully these transitions are also clarifying a commonly asked question: “when are we getting a new Associate Pastor?”. 

The approach of the Elders and I, has not been to necessarily find 1 full-time staff member to replace the resources left by our previous Senior Minister’s departure. Rather, we are seeking to build a solid team of quality, specialist “associates” (Children’s + Families, Worship, Community Life, Youth + Young Adults) who are positioned strategically (and in capacity) to grow their ministry for years to come.

Finally, I must say this is all only possibly through the faithful generosity of our church family, as demonstrated in our YTD offering figures. It has given our leadership both the affirmation and compulsion to faithfully put God’s assets to work in resourcing ministry for this new season.

Thank you for your patience, your trust and your support as we build Northside’s team for the future. Personally, a couldn’t think of a better bunch of Ministry partners to do life with.

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