Space + Time//

My former Youth Pastor posted recently on Facebook that he had just finished reading the entire bible and it took him four years. Not because he is a slow reader or lazy but because he chose to be intentional. Rather than trying to cram the bible into a certain timeframe, he adopted a posture of space and time. He states:

“I determined 3 things:

1.  That a day would never pass when I was too busy to hear from God.

2.  That I would immerse myself in one chapter of the bible everyday.

3.   That my prayers, my worship and my obedience would flow from what God said to me that day.”

I don’t know about you, but this has deeply challenged me in my intentionality in being in a relationship with God and His word. I’m not going to lie – I’m still struggling to make His Word a priority everyday. But the days where I do put first things first tend to be the most connected. God’s word is active, it speaks to our circumstances today and yet so often our bibles lay unopened beside our beds or collecting dust on a shelf or it’s an app on your phone you downloaded that one time. But within it’s pages you will find rest for the weary, comfort for the hurting, a place of identity for the lost and a love that surpasses all knowledge.

Can you imagine the richness life would adopt if we but paused long enough to  truly drink form the well of the Word?