Sing For Joy//

When I became a Mum, I realized so much more how I appreciated my own mother. I was given a beautiful new perspective of the love our God had for us. What it meant to parent, to carry, to worry, to love beyond reason, to extend grace, to show tenderness, to accept discipline, to grow. I saw from a new viewpoint what a parent’s love can look like from God’s eyes. I also saw what it meant to delight in my children, and to find a joy deeply rooted among the ordinary moments of life, no matter the season.

We sing a song about Joy, and I wonder what might be recalled to our hearts each time we sing these lyrics:

“You have given me a joy that won’t stop and will never fade so I will praise you with gladness, for you are good.”

Often this is a confronting thought to sing first thing on a Sunday morning, when we perhaps might actually really desire our coffee before we might find joy, or we don’t feel like letting these words resound in our Spirit! However, I’m sure many would appreciate this morning as we reflect on the selfless love of Mums, our joy too doesn’t come from our circumstances, but it is found in the Lord.

“The joy of the Lord is my strength” (Nehemiah 8:10). Even when there is heartache, mundane moments, despair, hopelessness or the season doesn’t make sense, we’re told to find a deeper resolve in joy founded in the strength of Jesus. Today as we worship Him, I pray you experience a true joy deeply founded in His strength and grace alone.

Let’s worship Him with gladness this morning, for He is good.