Show us the Father//

Last Sunday was Father’s Day and here at Northside, Steve Hodgson brought us a powerful message on the restoration of the character of a father. Steve mentioned there are five wants/desires we expect to find in a father. We desire a father’s affection, approval, acceptance, care (provision) and attention.

We all have had different experiences when it comes to getting these desires met.

I have been blessed with having a father who certainly met these expectations but not all dads are perfect. Some of us still wear the scars and carry the wounds of dysfunctional relationships with fatherly figures in our lives. Because of this, our perception of a father figure is often marred.

Many people have looked to the institution of the church to find solace in a father figure whether it is a priest or clergy and found some who hold office have taken advantage of their position and abused those who are most needy.

So where can we look for a role model, a perfect example of a father? Jesus Christ said: “If you have seen me you have seen the Father” (John 14:9). Not only was Jesus so intertwined in the Father’s love, Jesus came to restore our own perception of who and what our heavenly Father is really like.

There is so much unrest and instability in our current world however, we who have encountered and been transformed by the Father’s love that Jesus spoke about, can offer hope to many who are otherwise living under a cloud of hurt, confusion and despair.

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