Restore HOPE

Our Bathurst Outreach Team returned last Sunday afternoon inspired and excited for the future of this partnership and in need of a good dose of sleep!
We had the most incredible weekend away where everything went very smoothly with many prayers answered!

There are two people I would encourage you to be praying for:

Connor is a young guy we met on the Friday night and he’s had life pretty tough. Our team really connected with him and he surprisingly turned up on Saturday because of the relationship we built. What a privilege we had to sow into his life, to show him love and hope. Let’s keep praying for opportunities for Connor to know his value and purpose in Christ.

Jordan was inspiring to meet. She’s a girl who’s struggled at school but persevered and since becoming a Christian is a completely changed person! She’s full of joy and enthusiasm with a real desire to grow and serve God. She also connected with us in a positive way and is keen to go to Drastic (the camp our Northside Youth head along to). Let’s be praying she does make it along (and maybe a few others too) and that God continues to work powerfully in her life.

The team were so inspired by what God is doing in this community and the Bathurst Church of Christ team really didn’t want us to leave – they were so encouraged by God’s provision in our support! What an incredible partnership this will be in the months and years ahead!

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