Provide Edication, Provide Opportunity

I want to introduce you to Sariaka. She lives in one of the poorest parts of Madagascar with her brothers and alcoholic parents. Sariaka and her three brothers are part of the 70 kids CSM
chose for Northside to sponsor to go to school. CSM’s goal with Northside was to sponsor those kids for as long as they do well at school.

Anyway, Sariaka did not pass her exam a year ago and the CSM staff went to visit her to see how she was getting on and tried to discover what might be contributing to her struggle at school. As they began chatting to her their hearts were broken! “That poor girl was a sleepy little girl. She could not even concentrate for a few minutes.” She was so malnourished that it significantly affected her ability to learn and her teacher confirmed that all Sariaka did at school was sleep.

A few of our sponsor kids had the exact same issue so we decided to give them all a second chance and kept sponsoring them for another year. Over the last year CSM started The Living Centre which provides breakfast each morning to 20 of the kids we sponsor (including Sariaka and her brothers). The CSM staff cannot believe the difference in Sariaka! “I’m telling you, the little Sariaka I met two years ago is gone! Sariaka has totally changed! She is so much healthier and happier! And…she passed her exam this year!!!

How truly wonderful it is to bring hope and transformation into Sariaka’s life!

Join us on Sunday 16 November to hear more stories of how we continue to play a significant part in bringing transformation to many people in Madagascar.

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