Practicing Hospitality at Northside//

One of our key areas is our dinner ministry, following the night service roughly every fortnight. This ministry started several years ago and moved from monthly to fortnightly – run entirely by volunteers from Northside who come early and prepare a meal (usually main and dessert) for anywhere from 80-120 people.

What I love about this ministry is the hospitality that is shown. Volunteers work incredibly hard to serve us and they do it behind the scenes without any recognition or reward. I guess the greatest reward is seeing the conversations between guests, new friendships growing and the smiles on people’s faces as they enjoy each other’s company.

Recently Sam preached on the topic of Hospitality. There was a lot to think about and if you missed the message please access our podcast so you can have a listen. Since that Sunday I thought about how the message applied to me personally and how it applies to us as a church. When it comes to our dinner ministry, we aren’t trying to make a profit – we simply want to build community.

There are countless eateries in Crows Nest & St Leonards but your ministry team always encourages you to consider staying to help foster authentic relationships and build the community at Northside. One of my favourite things to see on a Sunday is someone welcoming a newcomer and inviting them to share a meal with them. Likewise, seeing friendships deepen as we journey through life together.

I hope you can see the value of this ministry area. We’re not just about feeding people, we are trying to build culture and community in a real and sincere way. Please think about who you can invite to dinner next week and if you can lend a hand in the kitchen or serving please let us know!

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