Partnering with Families//

You might not know, but every Sunday morning during church we have a thriving children’s programme. We call it Northside Kids not kids church because we believe that what we do downstairs is not isolated from what happens upstairs; it’s an extension of our broader faith community. The vision of our Northside Kids ministry is to partner with families to fuel faith in the next generation. We believe that two combined influences (home and church) are more powerful than either one are on their own. The heart behind our vision is to have parents play the star role in shaping their children’s faith, while our Northside Kids ministry leaders play a supporting role. Because ultimately kids leaders have about 40 hours per year to influence a child, while parents have about 3,000. This partnership doesn’t happen by accident. As leaders, our heart is to build relationships with the kids through conversation, activities and consistency. Because we believe that once you have the foundation of a relationship, then you have permission to speak into a child’s life. But there aren’t enough of us… If this ministry is to thrive, we need 10 more leaders to be walking with us by the end of this term.  Maybe you’ve served in the kids’ area in your previous church, you might be a grandparent who’s passionate about seeing young kids’ faith flourish, perhaps you’ve never been involved with children’s and families ministries, and may feel a bit nervous about serving in these areas. Please don’t let your hesitations hold you back. There are several ways you can be involved in this vital ministry! If something is stirring inside of you, why not pop downstairs after the morning service and see what Northside Kids is all about, or you can chat to me or one of our faithful kids leaders after the service. Please prayerfully consider if God is calling you to partner with us to invest in the next generation.

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