Out of This Galaxy//

Ever head of the saying ‘light years away’? Well, a client just said our service is more than that, it is out of this galaxy!

We have a consultant client who organizes workshops for several of his clients at our Conference Centre and he has not been back for a while. When he was here last week, he was so happy to greet us telling us he has been away overseas and introduced his new colleague to our staff. His colleague said, “He keeps telling me about your wonderful Conference Centre!” To which I reply, ‘’Thank you and welcome, it’s good to know our staff has been wonderful and delivering excellent service”. The client then piped, “It’s not just excellent service, it’s out of this world”! I thanked them again and took the opportunity to tell them that when they conference here with us at Northside, they are partnering with us in enabling all our various community outreach projects through Northside Church.

The surplus from the Conference Centre continues to pay for half of all our building outgoings and mortgage repayments. Any further surpluses after our operation costs go towards our capital debt reduction for both our facility and the Manse. The Conference business continues strongly and we are very grateful to all our wonderful clients.

It is appropriate for me on behalf of our Church to thank all our Conference staff for their hard work and I would like to single out the two maternity relief staff, Patrick Rose and Janabel Talens who both do an incredible job here along our AV Professionals from Open Box Technology, Nick Utber and Mark Holman.

The other regular casuals, Richard Yap, Geoff Reid, Kelly Chan, Sharayah Lardner, Romana Mirabelli, KC Hendricks and Stephen Goddard also help deliver our ‘’above and beyond’’ out of this galaxy, client honoring, excellent customer service.

We ask that our Church continue to pray for God’s provision in the new year to bless our Conference Ministry and in turn enable the wonderful work of the Ministry team here. From all of us at the Northside Conference Centre, we wish you all a safe and blessed Christmas and a wonderful New Year.