Northside Youth Heads to Drastic!!

This week, Northside Youth is heading to Drastic Camp, the Churches of Christ in NSW combined youth camp. We will be joined by over 300 other young people to have a week full of fun, friendship and encountering God. It is the first time ever that it has been sold out a week before camp starts!

We as a youth ministry are looking forward to this week. It is not just one where we meet other Christians but we have an incredible opportunity to build deeper friendships and create memories that will last a lifetime. Last year we saw so many of our young people go deeper in their faith and then through that make decisions to follow Jesus and to live for Him.

We would love our congregation to be praying for our youth, our leaders and the rest of the camp this week, that God is glorified, that we all go deeper in our understanding and relationship with God and that we all hear from God in a fresh way. As part of this camp there is a study camp for year 12 students who are preparing for the HSC.

As a church on Sunday 05 October at the 6:00pm service we will be praying for our six year 12’s as they begin their HSC exams. Northside Youth will also have just returned from Drastic Camp so we will also be updating the church on how it went. We would love for you to be a part of this service as it is such an exciting season for our youth ministry.

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