Northside Youth Goes to Drastic//

On  Monday  the  28th  of  September Northside Youth will head down to Stanwell Tops for a five day youth camp called Drastic.

Drastic is a combined camp for churches of Christ throughout NSW. This year we are extremely excited for what God is going to do in our youth group and how He is going to change the lives of our youth.

It was only four years ago, that we had just one youth go to camp. Now by Gods grace this year there will 18 youth from Northside Youth attending camp with five leaders going as well. It’s incredible to see how God is continuing to grow Northside Youth ministry and how He continues to extend our influence throughout Sydney. This year plenty of the youth attending don’t know Jesus, with many coming from local high schools and living in unchurched homes.

Two years ago Sam asked the morning congregation if anyone would like to sponsor youth who couldn’t afford to go to camp. Over $4000 was generously donated and so far this has sponsored 12 young people that wouldn’t have been able to go otherwise. The majority of these young people come from homes that don’t know Christ, and many have tough back grounds. In the past youth who have attended have had their lives transformed by God, so we are believing for the same this year.

We would love it if you could partner with us in praying for each youth in our youth ministry. Not just for those who are on camp but all the others who couldn’t attend. We would love to see God continue to change the lives of youth in our area.