Northside Youth Camp //

Over the past week, some of the young people in Northside’s Youth Ministry have been attending a Christian leadership camp called More Than A Song. So far, seven to eight Northside Youth have signed up to attend. This really excites me and it is really encouraging to see the potential leaders rising up in our youth ministry. Last year, we only had a couple of youth attend this kind of camp but this year many more have expressed interest and are choosing to prioritise this time away.

Some have chosen to attend this event rather than going to fun camps or going away for a holiday with friends. Please be praying for these youth that what they have learned will be applied to their lives. Specifically, that God would further reveal His deep love for them and they would have come away challenged by what it means to follow Christ daily.

I’m thankful for what God is up to amongst the young people in our youth ministry. It is great to see God raising up the next generation of leaders and placing passions and desires on their hearts. As their youth leaders our aim is to continue investing heavily in each young person who has the heart to be a Christian leader.

At Northside Youth, we place a strategic importance on making sure we are investing in the few so the many will prosper. Just like Jesus modelled with His disciples, our plan is to see them continue to do what we are doing but have far greater impact than we could fathom. As a youth team, we want to say a big ‘thank you’ as we really appreciate your prayers and support.