Northside Women

How can you set yourself up for a great 2014?

Join a gym and actually go?

Eat a healthy diet (with just a bit of chocolate thrown in)?

More time with family and less with Facebook?

All good suggestions. But do you know what will make your best plan even better? Being encouraged, supported, kept accountable, challenged, prayed for and loved. That’s life in community. Your best efforts are multiplied through the quality of the community that surrounds you.

Northside Women 2014

So that’s the plan for this year. The idea is more but less. More opportunities to connect, but less on the production scale. More choices for your calendar, but less pressure to decide. What remains the same: the chance to connect with women across the generations. To grow in your faith. To know you’re valued and loved. And as always, to build the community to serve our community.

Northside Women will launch on Sunday 09 March 2014. Expect the calendar dates for the year and lots of options to bring along your friends and get involved.

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