Northside Men’s Bonfire//

One of my favourite things that I have loved to do since I was a kid was to build big bonfires. The most difficult part was always getting it started, but once it was going it took on a life force of its own that nothing could stop.

Our Men’s Ministry and a bonfire have a lot in common, but the part I want to focus on is its ability to handle the strong winds of life. As individual flames, doing life on our own out of community can be very risky. The slightest breath of wind can so easily wipe us out. However, when you bring those individual flames together as one, the winds only increase the size and power of the fire.

So what’s your point, Davyn? Well, as men we tend to isolate ourselves, not talk about our emotions and through a fake smile give the impression that we are doing OK when really everything is falling apart and we are struggling to stay alight.

Our vision for the Men’s Ministry this year is not to create huge events, but rather an environment where guys can come, be open, share their struggles and receive support from other men who have or potentially are going through similar circumstances. A real man is one who knows he can’t do this life alone, admits it and seeks help from others.

A real man is one who realises that the only way to succeed is to submit yourself to a greater authority and journey with other men who have done the same. That authority is Jesus Christ.

If you are a man and are reading this, then I hope it has sparked something in you. My hope is that you would reach out, seek support and then help us to build the Northside Men’s Bonfire that is being fanned into flame.

So what part will you play in this bonfire?