Northside Kids Over Time//

Any life change brings about all sorts of thoughts and reflections and as I’m about to start a year of maternity leave I’m reminded of the incredible ways God has been at work in our Children’s and Families Ministry over the last six years.

Fun over time brings a unique connection: Laughing over silly moments, hanging racing car flags across the room, dressing up as a crazy mad scientist with a funny accent… fun is absolutely critical when it comes to connecting with children!

Love over time brings an understanding of God: Kids are going to love who and what we love so the powerful opportunity to show them who God is plays out in our relationships. That’s why we care so much about what is going on in their world, the cool stories and the hard ones too. We stand by them through it all, just as God does.

Words over time bring a unique connection: A word of truth spoken once sure can be encouraging, but something incredible happens when that is consistently invested into the life of a child.

Time over time is not just history, it’s a legacy: If you’ve been around over the last six years I wonder what you notice has changed at Northside Kids? There’s a greater legacy we’re building here.

We talk about how we partner with families to fuel faith in the next generation and a great reminder of this over time has been sending Year 6 kids to Northside Youth. It’s been inspiring to see their foundation where fun, love, words and time over time have been patiently, humbly, consistently sown to set them up to win with God in this world.

I’m amazed, grateful and inspired by how God has led and worked in this area and humbled to have played a small part in the process. May we all never underestimate the opportunities we have to invest fun, love, words and time into the lives of our Northside Kids!