Northside & CSM//

You may well be wondering, what happened to the rest of the money we raised for CSM to support our partnership with their incredible ministry in Madagascar?

Here’s a recap of the $15,000 we had already contributed:

And if you recall when the team shared last year, CSM were in great need of a cement mixer which we contributed $3000 toward. This has saved a lot of time and money for them and great to see this essential item having such impact, let alone the joy it brought to all the hardworking labourers!

That left a total of $20,702.65 remaining and here’s how CSM requested those funds to be utilised in the most valuable of ways:

$3000 to sponsor our 60 kids into school again this year
$3000 to continue sponsoring mums and dads this year
$11,000 for a ute that will save them over $7000 in transportation costs
$3000 for a motorbike which allows staff to take shorter, quicker shopping trips and manage their time far more efficiently
$702.65 toward fuel and vehicle maintenance

All this could seem like a bunch of numbers but behind every dollar given is a significant influence in so many lives.

What an incredible tangible difference our support is having in the lives of so
many in Madagascar who are now discovering new opportunities and great hope for their future. Let’s keep praying for CSM and the people of Madagascar that they may continue to encounter God and discover the incredible things he has in store for them.