Northside App Launch!

In recent months we’ve had some significant upgrades to our media at Northside, including a brand new church website and an overhaul of our social media. We’re pleased to announce today that we are launching an app for mobile devices (iPhone & Android).

This freely available app can be downloaded on your device today. Here are some of the features:

  • Read weekly articles from the leadership team
  • Listen to our latest podcasts
  • Check out what events are coming up
  • Check in when you come to church
  • Sign up for courses or leave a prayer request for the ministry team

There is more to come, including a major update of our podcast library (and backdating to prior to the launch of the new website) in the next few weeks.

We’d like to take an opportunity to thank Andrew from AppsLab for developing the app for us. This is a great resource for our church and compliments many of the other methods of communication we use.

Northside App logoWe will continue to produce Northside News on a weekly basis, provide Welcome Cards, Prayer Request Cards and good old manual registration for events. This is a great way to utilise the technology in our pockets (or handbags) and stay connected to the Northside community.

Make sure you download the app today on your device. Search for: “Northside Community Church” in iTunes or Google Play and look for the blue logo.

Michael Thomas

Worship Pastor