New Service Times

Following the announcement last week about our move to one morning service at 9:30am in 2014, I’m taking every opportunity to highlight this topic to ensure the word is spread as widely as possible.
The main reason for the move is in response to two of our core values at Northside: unity and community. With 2014 looming as a significant year of transition for our church, we want to ensure the congregation expresses its life and witness in a unified way as often as possible – both prior to and following my departure. A return to the one large morning service will go a long way to achieving this.

The second reason has to do with community and we have plans to strengthen the level of informal community among those who attend in the morning by holding special morning teas, brunches and even lunches on a regular basis. Northsiders love any opportunity to enjoy good food – we’re constantly proving that in the PM services with our after church dinners!

Another side (but important) benefit likely to result from the one service will be our ability to utilise available resources, especially people, in a more concentrated way. By that I mean there will be an easing of pressure on the scores of rostered positions required for Sunday worship (and on those who have to organise that side of our operation).

Your leadership team is confident our Church Family will get on board and show enthusiastic support for this move…

Graham Agnew
Senior Pastor