Did you ever read mystery books when you were younger? I grew up loving the Famous Five, The Hobbit and of course the timeless Narnia Series!

There’s something about a good mystery where the tension drives you to be a part of the process to solve the puzzle.
Reggie Joiner previewed our Kids Church curriculum by sharing when a child reaches around four or five years old, they suddenly start asking “why?”. It’s almost as if a switch is flicked and they’re beginning to piece together the world around them. When you observe this process for a while you’ll probably be fairly easily convinced that we’re all wired with an innate curiosity to discover what we don’t know!

The most powerful thing we can do for a child is to invite them into the story about an incredibly big God who will always be too big to explain or imagine, a God who wants them to spend a lifetime discovering who He is and how He loves them. But isn’t it easy to put God in a box and give a cliché answer?

When we try to explain everything there is to know about God, then children will grow up with a concept of God that is no bigger than our explanation. If you could understand everything there is to know about God then He would be no bigger than your understanding. Sometimes we don’t need all the answers, but just the wonder to keep on discovering…

After all, the Bible wasn’t written so you can know more but so you can know God more. There’s something about a mystery that keeps you reading and compels you to keep discovering. Let’s never take the mystery away from all there is to discover about our God.

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