My Caribbean Calling

As you read this, I am in the capital of the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo, preparing to speak at the final 25th anniversary event for the Quisqueyana Baptist Church.

On Friday, I was the speaker at the graduation ceremony for the church’s bible college and yesterday I conducted a half day leadership seminar for the Baptist Pastors of the Dominican Republic.

No prizes for guessing, I am feeling incredibly honoured and blessed to have been invited to these events by the leaders of the Quisqueyana Baptist Church. I am learning, growing and being inspired by what I’m experiencing. Soon I will return to Australia with a renewed vision of what’s possible in the work of Christ.

The church, as most know, is pastored by the parents of our very own Eliel De la Cruz who, with his wife Erin, have been part of the Northside family for more than three years. In an interview at Northside a week or two ago, Eliel spoke of his anticipation and excitement at returning to his homeland with wife Erin – AND to be accompanied by some special Northside friends – they being Susan Hudson, Carla Kuipers and Jane Lam. These women will move on to the USA in the coming week to continue their exciting holiday.

All in all, a very powerful time of ministry and Christian Fellowship for me, in a part of the world I’ve never visited before.

Please pray for me and the other Northsiders as this week unfolds.

Graham Agnew

Senior Pastor