Ministry update//

Recently the Worship & Creative Arts (WCA) team had a ministry gathering where members of our various teams connected. This included singers, instrumentalists, technical & production crew, leaders and others.

The team discussed what drew them to call Northside their spiritual home. The consistent response was the sense of community and feeling welcomed. We discussed the blessings to serving in the WCA ministry. One of the common messages was being able to use one’s gifts to glorify God, operating in one’s “sweet spot” or as Sam describes it as the combination of affinity, ability and opportunity.

It was great for me to hear the experiences of different team members and their desire to bless the church using their time and talents. I was also encouraged by the various team values that we agreed on as priorities for the ministry; humility, sincerity, respect, commitment, punctuality, prayer, excellence, having a servant-heart and teachable attitude.

My bias aside, the WCA team is a wonderful ministry to serve in. There are many different ways to be involved and as we often say, many roles don’t require experience, merely a desire to serve. I am certain there are musicians reading this who may be holding back from putting their name forward, but I assure you I’d love to hear from you and hope you might be able to find your sweet spot too.

Other needs are in our technical/production team, which include a variety of roles. You may not consider yourself technical but you might be surprised just how “un-technical” some of these production roles are. We are simply looking for good people who resonate with the values listed above.

Looking forward, please join with me in encouraging the WCA team who serve our church weekly – including the music team and those hardworking individuals behind the tech desk. As we approach Easter these men and women will be working hard to prepare inspirational services designed to impact our community, friends and families, with the desire that people will take a step closer to Christ.

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