Young Adults

If you’re checking out this page, chances are you’re between 18-35 or know someone in this age group.

Young Adults (sorry about the label but it’s the best we can do) aren’t just a ministry within the church. We’re an important part of the body of the church. We are living out our faith in different ways all over Northside and its neighbourhoods.

We want Jesus to transform our lives, and to see that transformation lived out in our church and our city.

If the ups and downs of life’s journey get a bit too high or too low, it could be time to take a look at how our faith in Jesus brings us together to help each other share some of the risks and hopefully learn to love the ride.

Stop by our 6.00pm service where most of our Young Adults meet.

We worship God in a contemporary way and we look at how the Bible is the ultimate guide for this exciting time of your life.

Find out more about our Young Adults Ministry.

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