Long Service Leave//

Those of you who were present at either service last week would have heard an announcement from me, essentially informing the church that I would be taking a period of leave from now until early 2016.

The past 12-18 months have been particularly difficult for me as I have battled with chronically poor health. I’ve undergone countless operations and tests, only to discover the journey isn’t over yet. It became clear to me, my wife Kirsty and those closest to me that taking a sabbatical would be a wise idea.

After working at Northside for ten years I’ve accumulated long service leave so although I never expected to take it under these circumstances it will allow time
for my body to rest, heal and undergo any further treatment that is required.

It was a decision I didn’t take lightly as leading the ministry of Worship of Creative Arts is one of the greatest honours in my life. They are a group of extraordinary people – not just those you see on stage but the hard working volunteers who serve behind the scenes.

In the coming weeks, we will be announcing an interim replacement for my role as Worship Pastor.

Whilst I’m on leave I sadly won’t be around Northside very much as I recognise the importance of taking the time out to heal and recover. I will hope to see many of you at Northside’s 30th anniversary later in November. Meanwhile my thoughts and prayers will be with you all and I already sense how much I will miss seeing you week to week.

Please support our fantastic Worship & Creative Arts Ministry whilst I’m gone.
They are truly wonderful people who dedicate much of their time to bless our church. If you can help out in any way please let the Ministry Team know. God bless you all and I look forward to seeing you when I’m in a state of much greater
health and wholeness.

Love & God Bless, Michael