Let Us Put You First

Humility is a concept that has potential to completely shift our perspectives of others, of ourselves and to even influence many aspects of our every day.

At Northside Kids this month we’re defining humility as putting others first by giving up what we think we deserve.

Who in your life has put you first? What does it cost that person to put you first?

When I think of my mother one of the first things that jumps to mind is how incredibly giving she is, always willing to put others first. Mothers so often sacrifice their own needs for the sake of their children and model humility to us.

Jesus gave us all a powerful example of humility when he washed the disciples feet – he humbled himself and did something usually reserved for servants! Jesus of all people shouldn’t have to wash other’s feet, but he reminded us that he came to serve, not to be served.

Humility helps us to see beyond our own perspective. There was a video floating around on Facebook this week which showed exactly this – how we can so easily miss potential interactions with others when we’re focussed on ourselves. Humility can lead us to prioritise others, put their needs before our own and value their opinions more than ours. There’s a unique exchange that happens as we forgo our preferences for the sake of others and a joy to be found in serving those around us.

I wonder who inspires you to live out humility?
How might you be looking out for moments to honour others, to give up what you think you deserve so you can put others first?

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