Legacy of Faith//

Last week was an absolute privilege to celebrate family life with our church family across the generations. We were reminded of how we could be a multigenerational church representing all ages, but there’s a possibility we could never become an intergenerational church sharing life more deeply across the ages.

I heard Dr. James Dobson speak a few years ago. He’s a fairly well known expert and author, particularly in relation to raising godly children and family life. I was blown away by his story of the faith legacy through his family.

His great grandfather was a farmer caring for his family and was so devoted to the spiritual welfare of his family that he committed the hour between 11am-12pm to pray for not only family members in his direct care but also the generations to follow.

Toward the end of his life God gave him a promise of his faithfulness to that commitment: that the next four generations would come to know and follow Christ.

Now it wasn’t all straight forward, each family member had to work out their own journey, but it’s incredible just how God worked out this plan in this family. Of course every family is different and there’s definitely no one size fits all, but what an example of the power of prayer for his family. Dr. James Dobson is the fourth generation and is currently a grandfather with the next two generations down from him following and loving God.

A godly culture of family is in some ways counter-cultural to what we can experience around us in our society. We see what young people are up against today in a world where it’s not uncommon for a child to have not yet heard anything about Jesus. We all as a church family have an incredible opportunity to pray and partner together in passing on a legacy to the next generation.

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