Knowing Stillness//

We had this great night a few Sunday’s ago where a bunch of Young Adults ended up sitting in the park at Crows Nest, eating dinner and chatting. As I looked around the group I realized that there were people from all different stages of life gathered together, just spending time with each other. No agenda. No deadlines to meet. No rush. Just a simple meal, shared in simple surroundings and it was entirely life-giving.  Not because of what we discussed or what we ate, but because we stopped. For a moment we stopped, took a breath and life-giving interactions resulted.

“Be still and know that I am God” is a well-known Psalm. Yes, we get it, we need to be still, we need to stop. But this verse is not just about stopping- it’s about knowing.

In the moments where we pause and surround ourselves with stillness, we create space to know God and to be known by God. It is in this space that perspective or encouragement or love or kindness can be found.  As sense of being seen by God.

The interesting thing about stillness is that it is not solely linked to solitude. One of the greatest ways we can know God and be known by God is through His people in the form of coffee chats, a listening ear, praying for each other or a take away dinner sitting in a park.

Whatever the opportunity this week, take a moment to be still either alone or with friends and find within it a sense of knowing and being known.