It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas…

The decorations are up. The stores are playing carols. Pop-up shops are sprouting a range of
crazy toys. Christmas is on it’s way…

As we head toward Christmas it reminds us that in our culture, the supernatural may be scoffed at and time and space are a common reality. Christmas tells us that Jesus “the baby” is not just God, but God WITH US.

Next week we begin our Advent Sermon Series “God With Us” that will look at this… In Christianity we not only have a powerful God but a God who is willing to get in the mess… how then, should that affect how we live?

Here’s the areas of life we’ll look at:

God With Us: In Our Mess Ups (Humility)
If at Christmas you have the all powerful God willing to start in a stable, how does that make us stable when we mess up in life?

God With Us: In Our Troubles (Suffering)
If at Christmas you have a God who actually is prepared to experience suffering as a human, how can that be a resource for your suffering?

God With Us: In Our Hopes (Hope)
If at Christmas you have God coming “downstairs” to sort the issues out, how does that give you hope beyond your current circumstances?

God With Us: In Our Joy (Joy)
If at Christmas you have a story that is out of this world, how does that give you a subterranean joy apart from material happiness?

Hoping you can join us for this final series for 2014 and what is shaping up to be one our most memorable years at Northside in a long time!

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