It’s All Good…

I am extremely happy, even proud, of the way the Northside Family is handling the current “season” through which we are passing.

Referred to as the “transition phase”, it’s that time in our 30 year history when we are preparing to pass the leadership of the church to only the third person to have ever assumed the role of Senior Pastor here. That’s a significant event and it could be said we’re not very experienced at making such a transition. Of course, in terms of stability and continuity, that’s a good thing!
So here we are part way through the process and I’m thrilled at the way things are working out on several fronts:

1. There’s a strong sense of unity in the church family as evidenced by the resounding endorsement given to Sam Haddon in the recent vote.

2. There’s a definite feeling of optimism and expectation as we contemplate the future – born out of a realisation that the opportunities for Northside’s continued growth and expansion are numerous.

3. New people are joining our ranks every month and news of the looming change of leadership is not in any way fazing them. This leads me to conclude they are the people whom God is sending to further strengthen our resource base for future missions.

In light of all this (and many more things I could say), let’s all be thankful to God for the way we are navigating this current season of change and transition. It’s a mark of maturity and a strong indicator of the health and vitality we enjoy as a Fellowship.

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