Is there are YOU-shaped hole in the future of our church?//

Tuesday night 60+ of our core volunteer leaders (that could join us) gathered for a night of praise and processing.

During the night I only shared for 7  minutes (yes a record in my terms) about some exciting possibilities on the horizon… for the rest of the evening we took some (at times quite honest) input as to what we could be doing as a Church together.

Here’s why…

The Vision and future of our church is not an outcome of a Ministry Team Planning Day & some butchers paper.

Rather, it is the ongoing discovery of what God is doing through each of us at the intersection of our: affinities (what we are passionate about), abilities (what we naturally do well) and God’s opportunities.

At the broadest level I am amazed at the way God is bringing people with diverse backgrounds and talents into our community every week. It’s one of the blessings of effectively being an “urban church”.

It means, whether you are just checking out Christianity today or have been here for the full 30+ years this place has been called Northside… our hope is you may well discover there is a “YOU shaped hole” in the future of our church.

How do you work that out? Stay or serve.

You’re welcome to stay with us long enough to get a sense of what God is about and what we’re about. If you’ve stayed for a while, then why not serve if you are ready?

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