I love a good story, one that completely captures the imagination and propels you into another world. You know the type, where you’re so immersed, so absorbed in another’s experience that their world seems more believable than your own. For a brief moment, your mind and senses are held captive and expectant of “what’s going to happen next?”

But what if you were the storyteller, if you were the one captivating the attention of others? Immersing them into your experiences, giving them a glimpse into a world that could be theirs too.

An invitation is extended to all women at Northside to a special Brunch event called “Immersed”, held on Saturday, 5 November 2016, from 8.30am to 1pm.

Dynamic speakers, Wendy Potts and Gillian Davis will motivate you to effectively communicate the Gospel in our current culture and context. They will encourage you through wonderful biblical teaching and practical skills, moving you from being a passive listener to an engaging storyteller, enabling you to share your Christian experiences, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit, those who hear you may be drawn into a world they would have never known.

The most powerful story ever told is God’s story! His story has the power to change lives. Once you’ve experienced God, you’re never the same again. You’re now part of His story and have become His storyteller, giving others a glimpse into a world that could be theirs too.

The cost of the event is $25 per person, with free crèche provided. Registration will soon be available online at www.northsidechurch.org.au/ministries/women. For more information or to register your interest,  email: [email protected].