How Do You Relate

You can’t have a relationship with your pet dog. I know some people actually think they do, but you can’t. It feels very close to a personal relationship, there are feelings and emotions, yet there is no exchange of ideas. There’s no relationship. There’s no way to relate.

Here’s the problem… how do you relate to God? How do you relate to an all mighty, all powerful, all intelligent being?

God’s life to ours is like the difference between, I don’t know…

a human being and their pet dog.

You might sense feelings, you might sense His presence, you might sense emotions…. but that doesn’t mean you are necessarily relating to Him.

Can you see the problem? God’s life in comparison to ours, is the same difference between ours and a pet. How do we relate to Him?

Jesus says in John 14:16 – I’ll help you out with this:

“And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another advocate to help you and be with you forever— the Spirit of truth.”

If God is personal, then he has to think, speak and relate like all persons do. How?

He does that through His Spirit.The Holy Spirit is the means by which we RELATE to God, no other way.

How often do you step back to think about the role of the Spirit (The Other Guy) in your relationship with God? Do you have this Spirit in you? How are you experiencing His presence and work in your life this week?

Sam Haddon

Associate Pastor